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Welcome to About page of My Blog titled by All Smart Phone Application for Android and Windows Phones http://allphonesapps.blogspot.com – Here you can found about Android and Windows updates, version details, problems and their solutions with screenshots and also having fully detailed with screenshots Software’s, Games, Themes, Launchers, Widgets for downloads as well as about the goal of this blog.

My name is Rizwan Ali and I am working part time on blogger making. On My friends request about make this blog because they want to choose their required software / applications on their hand with fully featured. Always I received a lot of requirements related android and windows phone applications from my friends and relatives through mail or text messages at that time I have no other option to accept their requests. Once time I am staying in a shop with my friend Nadeem at this time I received a request from my cousin which is related download an application (WiFi Booster for his android) after reading his message I asked to Nadeem about his requirement, He suggest me for creating a blog on Android and Windows Applications, and asked me when your friends or relatives requested you about their requirements related Android or Windows Phone applications then you will tell them about your blog and also send a web address of your blog for simply downloads their requirements etc.

After That:
After that I think about this, I thank that that is a good idea! And after all I started to create Blog in October, 2013. When I started it I crossed allot of difficulties related creating this blog but with the help of my friend namely Nadeem I think I has success to creating this blog. My Blog have full details of applications, Applications Featured and a look of software / application (screenshots) with a download link.

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