Monday, 14 October 2013

How To Format Your Android Phone

Format Procedure: This is how to format or factory reset your android device. The screen shots provided were from my Samsung Galaxy S Advance when I did the factory reset procedure to clean up my phone memory. 

1.   Open your device's Settings then tap on Privacy

2. Since I didn't really have anything on my phone, i just proceeded with Factory data reset

3. Read the text on your screen just to make sure you understood what you're about to do then tick the check box for Format USB storage to clean everything then tap on the Reset phone button. If you have an unlock pattern (for security against unauthorized use) just like me, just unlock it to confirm the reset activity.

4. You'll get one more screen to confirm the reset. Just tap on the Erase everything button to begin the format. 

The phone will then perform the factory reset and it will also reboot itself. When it finishes restarting , your Android device will be clean and as good as new. You can then begin setting it up and install the apps that you want.


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