Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Mouse & Keyboard Remote

Remotly control your PC’s mouse and keyboard via Wi-Fi! Be lazy!
The Mouse and Keyboard Remote turns your Android phone into a wireless remote control for your PC! You can control the mouse with a touchpad (like laptops), and type text with the keyboard software from Android or a built-in hardware keyboard. You also have the ability to send frequently used shortcuts (show desktop, etc.). The remote control works via Wi-Fi.
Included remote controls are:
-Mouse (Multitouch touchpad)
-Keyboard (Live | Manual)
-Speech recognition (Text | Commands)
-Media player (iTunes | Windows Media | VLC Player | …) (Pro version)
-Slideshows (PowerPoint | Adobe Reader | Impress | …) (Pro version)
-Scrolling (9gag | Default) (Pro version)
-Motion controller (position sensors) (Pro version)
-Shortcuts (shutdown | close window | …)
In Development:
-9gag remote
-YouTube remote
-Zattoo remote
-Socl Video Party Remote
The needed Remote Control Server is available for free:
It requires no installation or registration.


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