Sunday, 13 October 2013

Prayer times (Qibla Compass)

Prayer times and Qibla: Accurate and Free
Prayer times ® Muslim Toolbox » is an Android app for the Muslims all around the world.
This app provides islamic prayer times (Salat) and find the direction to the Qibla wherever you are in the world.

* Accurate and exact Salat:
- Shows the times for the Fajr, Sunrise, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib et Isha.

* A quick and easy selection of the city:
- Select your city manually amongst a list of 6 000 000 in 251 countries, or be located automatically thanks to your integrated GPS.
- Memorize your favorite cities to know their prayer times.

* Configurable Calculation of the timetable:
- Several methods of calculation for the prayer time (Fajr and Isha) : Egyptian General Authority of Survey (EGAS), Islamic society of North America (ISNA), Shia Ithna Ashari (Jafari), Université of Islamic Sciences (Karachi), Umm al-Qura (Makkah), Muslim World League (MWL), geophysics institute (University of Tehran), Union of Islamic Organizations of France (UOIF).
- Various juristic methods (for the prayer of Asr): ?Standard (Imams Shafii, Hanbali and Maliki), Hanafi.?
- Adjust manually the twilight angle (for the prayer of Fajr and Isha).
- Adjust manually the minutes for every prayers.
- Display the hours with the AM/PM format time.

* Call to islamic prayer notifications:
- Activate the notifications in order to be informed when it is prayer time, so that you won’t miss any prayer.
- Select the prayers for which you want to be warned.
- Wake up to the sound of the alarm before the prayer of Fajr.

* Direction of Mecca / Qibla :
- Use the compass to know in which direction to pray.
- Indication about the distance between your position and the position of the Mecca.

* The others features:
- A pretty neat GUI with a little touch of Islamic art.
- A help/support menu in case of a technical problem.
- New features coming as the application is in constant evolution.
For any questions, suggestions or bug report: a tutorial, a F.A.Q and a contact form are available on the application.
The team of « Prayer times ® Muslim Toolbox » is aware of the importance of prayer in Islam. We provide you an useful Android application that will keep you informed about the exact hours of Salat throughout the year.


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